This one-day workshop will be on the 5th of May in conjunction with the CHI 2019 conference. The workshop is now fully subscribed and we look forward to seeing participants in Glasgow! 

The workshop will bring together scholars, designers, and provocateurs to collaboratively develop a visionary discourse on how the CHI community should research and design for the ‘future of work’. This topic is emerging as a focal point for a number of research organizations, foundations and funding bodies, and with good reasons: mobile and remote work are taking on new forms via the platform economy, while advances in AI and robotics are ushering in an ‘age of automation’. Yet, there is surprisingly little discussion within the CHI community on how work is being shaped by technological innovation, how this is bound up with continuous forms of inequality and exploitation, and what implications this has for the future of work and labor.

In this workshop, we aim to explore non-standard, global and virtual work futures, to reflect on the impact of new sites and temporal patterns of work, and to consider emerging interpersonal and person-machine dynamics within work. We will frame these discussions with a consideration of the relationship between the future of work and existing modes of labor and political economy, with a view to identifying the need for both technological innovation and systemic change.

Discussion and activity will be focused on the production of outputs, including insights, research questions, and opportunities for design, to be made available to, and used as a resource by, the CHI community.